Coach’s Corner

Welcome to the Coach’s Corner – The goal is to provide you valuable insight on what it takes to be your top-tier partner for Refurbished IT Hardware. Conversations around Fast Shipping, Logistics, Work From Home Solutions, MSP, and Financial Flexibility are just a few of the many topics we discuss that speak to our Commercial and Education client’s day-to-day operations. Email us at [email protected] to let us know what type of content you’d like us to provide. Let’s grow and learn together.  

WFH Kit Unboxing

Watch this video as we unbox the ultimate Work From Home (WFH) kit from Invicta PCs. Whether you’re setting up your home office or upgrading your current workspace, this kit has everything you need to enhance productivity and comfort.

Quality & Flexibility

Meet Mark from Invicta PCs. Discover how vendor flexibility can impact your deployment and deals. Learn about our recent project with a school district, where we tailored our shipping and payment schedules to meet their needs. Find out how Invicta PCs can adapt to your specific requirements and enhance your operations. Let’s discuss your flexibility needs today.

International shipping & logistics

Meet Brent Anthony, the force behind our commercial success, as he shares insights from our latest journey in tech refurbishment. Our Grade A refurbished desktops, laptops, and monitors are making waves from North America to Latin America, and even the bustling markets of the Philippines.

Timeline & Delivery

Join Andrew Golembiesky, our VP of Sales, as he shares exciting insights into how Invicta PCs consistently delivers on tight timelines for our clients. From large-scale desktop refurbishments to overnight monitor shipments, Andrew walks us through some of our recent projects and how we make sure everything is on schedule and top quality.

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