High-Quality Refurbished Servers

Refurbished servers are pre-owned computer servers tested, inspected, cleaned, repaired (if needed), and restored to full working condition. While pre-owned, refurbished servers function like new ones and represent an affordable alternative to purchasing new ones.

Refurbished servers provide businesses and organizations with enterprise-level computing power and storage without the high cost of new server hardware. They utilize the same high-quality components as new servers that have been thoroughly refurbished. Many companies opt for refurbished servers as a budget-friendly way to obtain enterprise servers’ performance, scalability, and reliability for data centers, web hosting, IT infrastructure, and more.

Refurbished servers come with warranties and support when purchased through a reputable supplier, just as new servers do. The refurbishment process ensures they meet strict quality standards before being resold. Refurbished servers offer an efficient, environmentally friendly way to acquire enterprise-grade hardware at a fraction of the price tag.

Benefits of Refurbished Servers

Cost Savings

Refurbished servers cost 30-50% less than new servers with comparable specifications. Refurbished equipment for businesses on a budget presents an affordable way to upgrade or expand infrastructure while sticking to financial goals. The upfront cost savings from going refurbished can be substantial. Refurbished also helps mitigate the rapid price depreciation that new servers face. After just one year, a new server's resale value can decline by 50% or more. With a refurbished server, much of that initial depreciation has already occurred.

Warranty Protection

Reputable refurbished server vendors provide a warranty, often one year or more. This protects against defects and gives peace of mind that the equipment will function as expected. Warranties on refurbished gear are usually on par with new equipment. The warranty indicates thorough testing and quality assurance measures have been performed. Refurbishers verify all hardware components are genuine and in good working order. Issues get resolved before the server is resold.

Reduced E-Waste

Purchasing refurbished equipment extends the lifecycle of existing hardware that's already been manufactured. This helps reduce e-waste that ends up in landfills. Refurbishing enables reused servers, parts, and components that still have usable life remaining. E-waste is a growing environmental problem. Refurbishing leads to less electronic equipment being discarded and keeps resources in circulation longer. It supports sustainability while meeting technology needs.

What to Look for When Buying

Top Server Brands


One of the biggest computer technology businesses in the world, Dell is a leading server provider. Key advantages of Dell servers include:

  • Reliable, enterprise-class performance
  • Energy-efficient and optimized for high-density
  • Built-in systems management and automation
  • Global service and support network

Popular Dell server lines include the PowerEdge for rack and tower servers and the Dell EMC PowerEdge C-Series for high-density data centers. Dell servers are known for their quality and are a smart choice for many refurbished server applications.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is another leading global supplier of servers, storage, networking and services. Some benefits of HP servers include:

  • Flexible internal configurations and scalability
  • Built-in proactive security features
  • Support for hybrid cloud environments
  • Strong virtualization capabilities

Top HP server families include:

  • The ProLiant line of x86 servers.
  • The Integrity line of mission-critical IA servers.
  • The Apollo system is designed for high-performance computing and AI.

HP servers offer proven reliability combined with excellent IT management software.


IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise computer servers, including the System X line, the Power Systems lineup, and the Z Systems mainframes. Key features of IBM servers include:

  • Expert systems integration and optimization
  • High availability configurations
  • Leading performance for data-intensive applications
  • Security and compliance technologies

IBM servers excel at handling big data, cloud, analytics, and virtualization workloads. They are known for their quality and flexibility. Refurbished IBM servers can provide great value for organizations with demanding IT needs.


While best known as a networking company, Cisco also manufactures purpose-built servers designed for specific workloads. Benefits of Cisco servers include:

  • Optimized for unified computing and communications
  • Tight integration with Cisco networking and infrastructure
  • Built-in, policy-based security
  • Automated provisioning and increased efficiency

Cisco UCS blade and rack servers are flexible, fast and help simplify data center management. For some applications like virtual desktop infrastructure, Cisco servers can provide compelling advantages over models from other leading brands.

Choosing the Right Configuration

When selecting a refurbished server, it’s important to consider your workload requirements and redundancy needs to choose the right configuration. Here are some key factors to evaluate:

Processing Power

Evaluate your performance needs regarding CPU cores, clock speed, cache size, etc. More demanding workloads like data analytics, machine learning, and high-traffic web applications require more processing power.


Consider the amount of RAM required based on the number of concurrent users and applications running. Memory-intensive applications like in-memory databases need high RAM configurations.


Assess storage needs regarding capacity, drive types (HDD vs SSD), raid configurations, and IOPS. Storage-heavy workloads like media processing and databases require high capacity, speed, and redundancy.


Large data transfers and media streaming workloads require faster network cards and connections. Evaluate networking based on bandwidth and latency needs.


Mission-critical systems need redundant components like power supplies, fans, and RAID disk configurations to provide fault tolerance and minimize downtime.


Consider the ability to scale up the system by adding more capacity and components. Scalable servers grow with your business needs.

Carefully analyzing your workload requirements and redundancy needs will help you identify the right refurbished server configuration for optimal performance, reliability, and scalability.

Maintenance and Support

When purchasing a refurbished server, ongoing maintenance and support are crucial for running your system smoothly. Here are some key factors to consider:

Security Considerations

When deploying refurbished servers, security should be a top priority. Here are some key factors to consider:

Data Protection

Ensure disks are wiped and servers have up-to-date encryption to protect sensitive data. Require strong passwords and limit access to authorized users only.

Access Controls

Use user accounts, groups, and permissions to restrict access to data and functions—Disable unnecessary services and ports. Set up firewall rules to limit network access.


Install the most recent firmware upgrades and security patches. If at all possible, set up automatic updates. Like new servers, refurbished servers ought to have updated software.


Monitor server access, bandwidth use, processes, and other activities to catch threats early. Employ security software like anti-virus, IDS, and log analyzers.


Regularly back up data to enable restoration after outages or breaches. Test backups to ensure recoverability. Use offline backups for added resilience.

Physical Security

Secure server racks and limit physical access. Implement video surveillance, alarms, and entry logs to deter unauthorized access.

Following these security best practices helps mitigate risks when using refurbished servers. Collaborate with your IT team or vendor to periodically conduct security reviews, penetration testing, and audits. Maintaining stringent security allows you to realize the cost savings of refurbished servers while avoiding undue risk.

Our Refurbishment Process

At Invicta PCs, we take great care in refurbishing servers to ensure they meet our high standards. Our process includes:


Our expert technicians conduct thorough testing and diagnostics upon receiving a used server. All server components and functions are tested, including the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drives, fans, power supply, and network ports. This identifies any defective parts that need replacing.

Replacement Parts

Any parts failing our strict testing are replaced with brand-new parts from leading manufacturers. We never use old or inferior-quality components. Our goal is to restore the servers to like-new condition. Common replacements include hard drives, RAM, batteries, fans, and power supplies.


Both the interior and exterior of every server are completely cleaned. Dust and debris are removed to maintain proper airflow and cooling. The chassis may be repainted if needed, and cosmetic imperfections may be addressed.

Following this rigorous refurbishment process, we ensure our servers have been thoroughly inspected, tested, repaired, and cleaned. Customers can trust that our refurbished servers provide the same quality and reliability as new servers but at a lower cost.

Our Inventory

Are you trying to get a good, reasonably priced, reconditioned server? Top brands like Dell, HP, and Lenovo are among the many refurbished servers that Invicta PCs keeps in stock. Before being put up for sale, every server is meticulously inspected and tested.

Popular Server Models

Here are some of the most popular server models in our inventory:

  • Dell PowerEdge R730 is a versatile 2U rackmount server.
  • HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9: A powerful 2U rack server.
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650: A robust 2U dual-socket server.
  • Dell PowerEdge R620: A high-performing 1U rack server.


Refurbished servers are constantly adding to our inventory. Browse the entire collection on our website or get in touch with us for individualized help in locating the perfect reconditioned server at a reasonable cost.

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